Folklore: A Colonial Discipline/Culture Studies

The author had showed here the nature of linguistic imperialism as evident in the terms like “dialect”, “folk-language” or “standard language”. He had also showed the illegitimacy of Folklore and Anthropology as these subjects reflect colonial disciplinary technology as they surrogate whiteMAN’s History and Sociology. By analyzing the dichotomies like Folksong/Classical song, Folk drama/theatre, Folk Magic/ Magic, Folk Art/Art, the author had also illustrated the fuzziness of such boundaries (folk/non-folk) that reveal the nature of subsumption through subjectification as well as subjection. NEOLOGISM: de-sign, de-sign-ate, de-sign-ation 2008. “SONskritbiddacOrca: SONkOt o mocon” Loukik. II:1 (pp.99-107). Kolkata. 2007. “kirtana: Musicking in speaking” Movement for understanding Sangeet: An Indian Concept. Kolkata. (pp.32-54) 2005.“Blurring the Divide: Folk art and Classical Art.” Departmental Journal of Folklore(lokodOrpon), Kalyani University. (pp. 181-93) Printed version of the lecture given in the Department of Folklore, Kalyani University, 23rd February 2005. 2002.“Final Sound and Initia1 Sound: A Note on Playing Antyaksari.” Reddy, K.N. and Fatehi, A.R. ed. Studies in Phonetics and Phonology. Aligarh : Ess Ess Publication. (pp.110-13) 2003. “Vedic Songs: Technology Without Machine”. Reddy, K.N. ed. Speech Technology. Thiruvantapuram: Dravidian Linguistics Society. Printed version of the lecture given in a Symposium on Speech Technology, National Conference, Dravidian Linguistics Society and International Dravidian Institute. Hyderabad, June 1998. 2001. “Folklore: Searching For Logistics.” Singh, U.N. ed. Culturation. Jawharlal Handoo Felicitation Volume. Mysore: CIIL. ISBN 81-7342-094-7. (pp.26-34) 2002. “Blurring the divide: Folk Art and Classical Art.” Printed version of the lecture given in a seminar on “Art Expressions and Socio-Linguistics.” Organized by CIIL, Mysore and NSOU, Kolkata. 2000.“Folksong-Classical Songs: The Discursive Formation of Dividing Practice.” Pondicherry Institute of Language and Culture Journal of Dravidian Studies. (pp. 63-70). Pondicherry. Cited in Cited in লোকভাষা [Folk Language] 2003. “lokobhaSa.” baNalir bhaSacinta: SomajbhaSa. Ed. Sandip Bandyopadhyay. Kolkata: Progressive Publishers. (pp.33-35) Cover: Partha Pratim Biswas. ISBN: 81-8064-058-2 Cf. “Folklanguage.” (pp.392-93) in Bangiya LokoSamskritikos 1997.“The Myth of Regionalism” Chakraborty, Dasgupta, Subha ed. Regionality and Comparative Literature. (pp. 77-83). DSA, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. A lecture given on a seminar on Regionality and Comparative Literature organized by the department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. 9-11 December, 1996. (INVITED) 1996.”Standardization: Myth or Reality?” Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics. Vol. XXII, No.2 (pp.73-76). Delhi. ISSN 0379-0037 & 1995.Folklore and Fo1klanguage: Myth or Reality? West Bengal: Kalyani University. Printed version of the lecture given in a “Folklore and Folklanguage.” Department of Bangla, Rabindrabharati University, 1 August,1995. (INVITED) Taught in the UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course on Folklore Studies and Cultural Tourism, School of Media Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University. 25/6/2001