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The Albanian newspaper in London

The Albanian newspaper in London. The Albanian is a newspaper in London, United Kingdom covering race & ethnic society and culture. The Albanian is published twice every month. The web site is presented in English and Albanian language, if some of the content is not in one of the languages please do feel free to email us on or and we will be happy to translate it for you, or assist you in anyway that we can. THE STAFF OF The Albanian Drejtor: PETRIT KUÇANA email: Kryeredaktor: BASHKIM METALIA email: REDAKSIA Akil Koci email: Daut Dauti Email: Brixhilda Ndini Email: Pranvera Smith Email: Blerim Ciroka Email: Emanuel Bajra Email: Majlind Goge Email: Naim Hasani Email: Flori Slatina Email: Kastriot Dervishi Email: Enkeleid Omi Email: Jeni Myftari Email: Agim Shabani Email: Anila Hoxha Email: Shefit Domi Email: or or Web-design: or Tel/fax:02082169527