Created by Ed Chasteen

Putting "How To Like People Who Are Not Like You" into practice!

1. Read the book How To Like People Who Are not Like You. Download it if you choose, for FREE. 2. Review the three color-coded cards here and begin to put the system into practice in your everyday life. 3. Email the author, Ed Chasteen, at and ask for a packet of 25 sets of cards to be mailed to you, for FREE. 4. Give these cards to friends. 5. Tell them you are wanting to be a World Class Person. 6. Ask your friends to take a look at our book and send for their own packet of cards to give away to their friends. 7. Send me emails at now and then to update me on your progress. 8 Consider taking your experience beyond your neighborhood and your community by participating in a cultural immersion experience elsewhere in the United States or even in another country. Email us for details at if you have interest in taking this next step!