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Kalamazoo Real Estate

Kalamazoo Real Estate Market Updates are helpful for everyone who is interested in purchasing or selling a Kalamazoo home. The Veenstra Team of Evenboer Walton REALTORS has been serving the Kalamazoo community with real estate information since 1986 and provides full services to Kalamazoo Home Buyers and Kalamazoo Home Sellers. The Veenstra Team sponsors a Might Move program which allows people contemplating a home sale or purchase to register to be kept up to date on the housing market and to get alerted when any home that matches their self identified criterion comes on the market. Go to to search for all greater Kalamazoo homes for sale currently on the market. Go to "" to register for our Might Move Program. The Veenstra Team also is effective in getting Kalamazoo short sales sold and charges NO FEES for a short sale homeowner. Check out for information about Kalamazoo which focuses on seniors and their housing and living issues. The Veenstra Team REALTORS are David Veenstra and Jason Veenstra. You can reach the Veenstra Team at 269-350-5514.