The Grace of Our Sovereign God by John G. Resinger

Most of the material in this book was originally printed in booklet form. The chapter titled The Sovereignty of God in Providence has been translated into four languages. There are three known people who were on the verge of suicide and were brought to bow in faith, hope, and love to our sovereign God through God using this message in their life. The chapter on limited atonement has helped many so-called “four and one-half point Calvinists” see limited atonement as the foundation and linchpin of the Doctrines of Grace. One of the constant comments about John Reisinger’s teaching in both the pulpit and writing is his ability to make difficult subjects easy to understand. Someone said, “He puts the cookies on the bottom shelf.” John says, “We are called to feed sheep, not giraffes.” This book is not written primarily for seminary students; it is written for the man in the pew. It is aimed at introducing God’s people to what has been called the Doctrines of Grace that cluster around the sovereignty of God. We know of no better book to introduce fellow believers in basic Reformed Theology’s view of sovereign grace than this book.