The Toy Soldier Saga

Set in the Spelljammer® fantasy universe of Dungeons & Dragons®, this series follows the rise, fall, and adventures of elven marine "toy soldier" Shaundar Sunfall as he suffers the travails of war, ultimately to rise above it and save his people, and his enemies, from annihilation. This is a work in progress. Book One "A Few Good Elves" (COMPLETED) - Four hundred years ago, the spaceways were shaken by the First Unhuman War, as elves and orcs pitted their best spacefaring skills against one another. The orcs were at last defeated and imprisoned. Now war has broken out again, and young elven pilot Shaundar Sunfall is ready to answer the call and face his people's ancient enemies; but he learns that war is no great adventure. Book Two "Brothers in Arms" (IN PROGRESS) - After elven pilot Shaundar Sunfall's ship is destroyed and he is imprisoned and tortured, bent on revenge he joins a secret program to infiltrate these new, highly advanced orcs called the "scro," and learns that perhaps they are not so different after all. This knowledge forces him to tread carefully between conflicting loyalties in order to avoid betraying any of them. Book Three "Sable's Privateers" - (IN PROGRESS) In the aftermath of the Second Unhuman War, still reeling from the destruction of his planet and his betrayal by the Imperial Elven Navy, elven marine "toy soldier" Shaundar Sunfall dodges Naval prosecution and joins up with his sister to become a privateer. Can this ragtag band of misfits teach him how to trust again? Book Four "Sweet Water & Light Laughter" - With the death of his sister and the unofficial disbanding of Sable's Privateers, elven ex-marine Shaundar Sunfall finds himself adrift, until he unexpectedly falls in love and makes the most unlikely of best friends - a drow. He must then quest for the Crown of the Elven Empire on behalf of another Privateer - or wear it himself. Worst of all, the Navy has asked him to return - as their Grand Admiral! In all of this chaos, can Shaundar learn to be an elf again, and find peace at last? Or will his past finally destroy him? Website: "Toy Soldier Saga" Facebook Group: Spelljammer® is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast LLC ® in the United States and other countries; copyright © 2012 by Wizards. All rights reserved. This novel is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. This novel may use the trademarks and other intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast LLC, which is permitted under Wizards' Fan Site Policy. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®, D&D® and Spelljammer® are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast and D&D® core rules, game mechanics, characters and their distinctive likenesses are the property of the Wizards of the Coast. For more information about Wizards of the Coast or any of Wizards' trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at All other content is copyright © 2011, 2012, 2013 by Diane Morrison. This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License. All other rights reserved.