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Boge Air Compressors Technical Data Sheets

Lubricated rotary screw compressors manufactured by BOGE America, Inc. have recently been given the seal of approval by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI). These units have undergone and passed independent testing to verify the accuracy of stated BOGE performance specifications as part of the CAGI Performance Verification Program. BOGE America, Inc. has recently joined the CAGI Performance Verification Program. Developed by the member Companies of CAGI, the Program provides an industry-wide uniform verification process by which manufacturers of rotary screw compressors can verify the accuracy of technical performance data published on CAGI data sheets and within literature. The performance parameters of a compressor are of fundamental importance for all buyers when selecting the correct compressor to meet their compressed air demand needs. When selecting a compressor, the buyer is totally reliant on the accuracy of technical data provided by the compressor manufacturers. Recognising the reliance that compressed air users have to the accuracy of data provided by each manufacturer, member Companies of CAGI developed the Performance Verification Program. Participation is voluntary and open to CAGI member and non member manufacturers of lubricated rotary screw compressors from 50 to 200 HP. As a participant, a test sample of BOGE's equipment was recently tested by the Program Administrator - Intertek Testing Services - to verify that the certified published performance ratings are in fact accurate. The BOGE equipment successfully passed the Verification Test and all related CAGI Data Sheets, product literature and the actual products will now carry the CAGI Program Verification Seal. Like other participating manufacturers, BOGE America, Inc. will be subject to annual tests on two randomly chosen units. If a tested unit were to fail, BOGE would have the option to have a second unit - also chosen by the Program Administrator - tested. If this unit failed to pass the test then BOGE would have to re-rate the unit based on these independent test results within 30 days or face removal from the Program. Test results for the BOGE equipment and other participating compressor manufacturers can be found on the CAGI website.