Books We Should Have Read

Your favorite show was on television. You had to walk the dog. You read the Cliff's Notes (or the review in the New York Times) and got the gist. And somehow, you never managed to actually read the book. But when someone asks you about Bestseller X or Classic Novel Y at a dinner party, you fumble your way through the conversation and nod knowingly, right? We consider ourselves smart, moderately well read folks. We’ve all got books that we meant to read—but just haven't gotten around to yet. We’ve got the best of intentions, but somehow there are a million excuses. Here’s your chance to read one of the books #IsaidIread. The idea is to pick one and start small—it’s not a huge commitment, just a chapter. We all have a moment to read 1,000 little words, right? If you like it, get the book and keep reading. If you don’t—well, at least you’ve sampled the real thing and can say so. What’s your guilty book secret? Pick a book, start a chapter, and get the monkey off your back!