Created by Mary Clark

Interactive ephemera

Create your own one-of-a-kind handout, card, or other publication, using the designed documents on this site. These documents have been designed in the tradition of fine printing, emphasizing font selection, layout and graphics. Download and add your own notes, poems, quotations, and/or photographs and graphics. Send them online, or print and give to friends or family members. For hard copies, print and fold to make cards, or quarter-fold to make “tokens,” as they were called in NYC’s Greenwich Village. Experiment with different kinds of paper. Fold with text and your notes and graphics inside (your notes may go on the back as well), leaving the front blank for writing a person’s name, a group’s name, or a title. By distributing these pieces of “ephemera,” you will be engaging in Performance Art. Please do not change the prepared text; it is copyrighted material. Add your own thoughts instead in the space provided. “Interactive ephemera” is the creation of Mary Clark. The concept and the name may be used by anyone for personal purposes, but the concept should not be used in any form for commercial purposes, or the name, in any form of punctuation or spelling, or variation, to create a website, blog or other online entity, whether for personal or commercial purposes. Any such use will constitute a violation of Mary Clark’s intellectual property rights. © 2012 by Mary Clark