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IMF - Analysis & Reporting of Statistics - Manuals & Guides (from Drafts, Revisions, Discussion Papers on Issues & Revisions)

The GFC has brought about a need for the IMF to implement many changes to policy & practices, here you will find the "what, where, how & why" on establishing new 'rules'. IMF reports, manuals & guides etc from draft versions including, discussions papers, issues & reviews works in progress & previous and final versions. Changes relate mostly to the interpretation & reporting of statistical data. guides/manuals/instructions for all countries central banks, treasuries & governments how to compile & formulate statistics into a such as EOF BOP's, GDP's & CPI's etc including various ways to calculate CPI's for outcomes that favour particular agendas, even going so far as marketing advice on the who, what, where & when regarding making the findings public, and which topics to avoid in the media & which to start introducing the public during the weeks leading up to reports going public, so when it's released, any public criticism can easily be silenced because we have been conditioned