Victims Files of the DoD Directives Human Subjects Experimentations Weapons Testings

These are compiled documentation of victims. Each have sent me their stories with concerns no one will know what happened to them, before their sad demise. We are victims of U.S. government secret orders consisting of over 55,000 human programs. These programs are filed under the DoD Directives naming us as 'Witting Participants' as 'human subjects.' The other side of this sad side is that of medical experimentation, something the United States has a history of. Of course, we state we're nota country who tortures. Recents news proves others wise in the case of the Torture Airport and Aero Contractors whom committed acts of Torturous international treason in Abu Graib, secret prisons in Poland and Gantanamo Bay as well as the Americas training. I am writing this to tell the world the US does indeed Torture and does allows under secret committee orders that of COINTELPRO using Satellites and agents on the ground, through Fusion Centers and Intelligence officers who destroy our lives as they did during the Stasi Decomposition. Sadly, this is much more grave, danger and deadly due to the highly-advanced technologies and weaponry with the use of Satellites. As a victim of the weapons and medical testings, and COINTELPRO, total destruction of my reputation, finances, family, every aspect of my life, I am left as a widow to deal with being struck down twenty-four seven like a Mk Ultra Radiation experimentation victim, alone. This program has other missions as well. One is to force the victims out of their homes, until they've exhausted all resources, while they falsify medical records along the way. I am a victim of Radiation experimentations, probably Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Anxieties, and something to do with the Central Nervous System. They have used beams and laser weaponry from Satellites and possibly those on the ground into literally every part of my body. This of course includes my main nervous system. The radiation is the absolute worse, however. Please read these documents from other victims who know, as I do, that we don't have a high survival chance, than pass them to future generations. My biggest concern is they're preparing, if not already, to monitor the Internet still further. Note the Directors orders state the intelligence and military members are to destroy victims reputations, steal their identity and use lethal silent weapons upon them while they're in their homes, yards and cars (while driving). This is very dangerous not just to the victim but to the entire general public. What this means is as victims we know that they do not are who's lives they endanger while silently assaulting victims for their weapons and medical experimentation testings. My last advise to the public, if you have not fallen into these programs is to not ever think it couldn't happen to you--it can. The population is over-whelming. Japan has possibly more victims, than the U.S. This has become a global issue. If I had it to do all over again, I would had spent much less time on the Internet and outdoors living. Thank you. Chris A Victim