Created by Jasmine Dubroff

The Three Gifts

The Three Gifts is the sequel to Beauty In Itself. The Omega Series is Greek Mythology rewritten, among many other divine factions. It is the gods like you have never seen them before as they fight for the good of the mortals and gods alike, fighting for love. But not all the immortals are pure souls. The Nameless One is Zeus's birth father, Cronus is the immortal who raised the king of the gods after his sister Theia spirited her son away from her husband. Zeus grew into a great and powerful god and overthrew his father. He is called the Nameless One because his crimes were so great his name was destroyed as punishment while he was locked away in Tartarus. However, a thousand years ago, the Nameless One escaped the Underworld by unknown means and has been reeking havoc ever since. Mera Vandenberg is an eighteen year old Descendant of the Twelve Olympian's whose fiance, a son of Zeus named Ariston, was kidnapped by the Nameless One. Mera unknowingly begins a war that was long in the making and sets out in search for the god she loves. As her quest continues, she comes to realize that nothing is what it seems, and that a mysterious immortal named Jason Gray is more connected to her than she knows.