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Deficit Spending -- our Morally Corrupt Politicians are destroying America

American families and businesses need to be frugal and fiscally responsible to avoid bankruptcy. Our Morally Corrupt Politicians claim they do not have be frugal -- America will actually improve if they use deficit spending. This allows Politicians to win votes by using Deficit Spending to create an Illusion of Prosperity. The Jimmy Carter election victory over Gerald Ford in 1976 was a defeat of what made America strong -- being frugal and Fiscally Responsible. Since 1980 our Federal Government Politicians have become so morally corrupt they are willing to win votes by increasing Deficit Spending even though the resulting Federal Debt threatens America with economic crisis. Your Federal Debt Credit Card illustrates how this crisis has grown since 1980 and how the crisis provides a subsidy to the wealthy -- they have the same Federal Debt as the poorest American.