IB History of the Americas

Literally every single one of Mr. Duxbury's powerpoints from this year and last year Note: includes our League of Nations powerpoints we made and some other stuff that might come in handy Table of Contents: Chapter 1- Colonial South America Chapter 2- Colonial North America Chapter 3- American Revolution Chapter 5- Early American Government (Constitution, Articles of Confederation, etc.) Chapter 6- Early USA (Federalists vs Anti-Federalists, Monroe, etc.) Chapter 7- Early 1800's Chapter 8- War of 1812 Chapter 9- Jacksonian Era (that fucker) Chapter 10- Westward Expansion and the Mexican War (also pre-Civil War) Chapter 11- Civil War and Reconstruction Chapter 12- Gilded Age Chapter 13- Progressive Era Chapter 14- WWI Chapter 15- Roaring Twenties and the Depression PreWar Period- How Hitler Comes to Power, League of Nations, etc. Chapter 16- WWII Chapter 17- Cold War