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American Voter and Political Oversight

American Voters are responsible for preventing degradation of our Governments by Morally Corrupt Politicians --- this responsibility is called Political Oversight . Before 1980 Political Oversight was not an important concern because our Politicians were not using Deficit Spending as a campaign finance tool. Since 1980 our Morally Corrupt Politicians have been taking advantage of the fact that the majority of American Voters fit into the following categories: (1) Non-voters--- not concerned about how our Political System affects their future, (2) Pathetic Voters ---- cannot distinquish between our Political System and our Government, (3) Ignorant Voters --- unaware that our Political System is Criminally Dysfunctional, and (4) Apathetic Voters --- accept our Criminally Dysfunctional Political System (Vote for the lesser of two evils). The required Political Oversight can be summarized as follows: (1) Convince our Political Party Chairmen to create a Code of Conduct that prohibits the use of SHOD (Smear, Hypocrisy, Outlandish Claims, and Deception) , (2) Convince our Political Party Chairman to establish Term Limits for their Politicians, (3) Convince our Political Party Chairmen to require Licensing for their Politicians, and (4) Convince our educators to require semesters in Political Oversignt.