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Business Continuity Management for the Public Services

Every organisation experiences unforseen events that impact upon their activities, from low-level disruptions to large scale disasters. It is particularly important for public service organisations to protect their organisational functions during such events, as the public relies on the essential services they provide. Good business continuity management (BCM) is thus a necessity for the public services. When everything is running smoothly, however, business continuity practices risk being marginalised. To overcome this, it is necessary to embed business continuity activities into everyday work functions and engage staff at all levels in business continuity to protect their organisation’s functioning. In addition, business continuity management increasingly needs to be aligned with risk management and corporate governance, creating an integrated strategy across the organisation. Business continuity managers must also constantly update their strategy and planning to incorporate changing standards, developments in technology and new organisational priorities. This one-day forum is designed to give practitioners in the public services the practical skills and know-how to protect business functions and build resilience across their organisation. Delegates will hear from experienced practitioners about: - Engaging your organisation at all levels with business continuity awareness - Testing your organisation’s readiness with emergency exercises - Activating your business continuity plan in a crisis - Collaborating with other departments to create an integrated strategy