Police Affidavit - Joseph Lawrence

Several victims of a recent scam came forward to the Eunice Police Department to file complaints after Joseph Lawrence took advantage of them during difficult situations. Lawrence met with each victim and collected money to assist these victims or family members with legal matters. Lawrence represented himself as a member of the National Black Panther Party on each of these cases. Eunice Police Department had copies of previous emails sent out by the National Black Panther Party saying that Joseph Lawrence "was not" affiliated with their organization. Several victims have stated that when they made contact with the actual Black Panther Party Offices they were instructed to report these incidents to law enforcement. Seized during these investigations was an actual computer generated Black Panther Party application with an image of Joseph Lawrence on the front page. Other victims came forward to Eunice PD and were directed to law enforcement agencies in the proper jurisdictions since those incidents did not take place in our city. Joseph Lawrence is presently incarcerated in the Eunice City Jail and is scheduled for line up in 27th Judicial District court tomorrow morning in Opelousas, La. Phony Black Panther Police Affidavit 1