My 39th Birthday Surprise

It was the night before my 39th birthday and I had to go to work... I thought, what the heck... I don't even have the money to have a small party for myself and my family. So I was there at the training room of HGS, when my daughter, Jannelle, sent me a text message to go and meet her at the lobby of the office because my ever sweetest hubby, Omar Rommel Garcia, was on his way to the office to bring some dinner so we could all eat together. We stayed by the waiting shed and talked about a lot of things... from very serious to nonsense topics... then a jeepney pulled over... I looked at the person alighting the jeepney, holding a HUGE card and a folder (or so I thought it was!)... and then there he stood in front of me, with a sheepish grin on his handsome face. I was stunned! I couldn't say anything.. He just gave the huge card and the bookbound document to me, kissed me and said "Happy Birthday, Honey... I love you.." With tears welling up my eyes, I managed to say "Thank you... I love you, too.." I guess after that, I got too excited to just see what was inside the card, so I opened it (almost tore the envelope!), opened the card and saw that he got all the members of my family to write a birthday message for me!!! I was so touched by his gesture. I thanked him and I thanked my daughter... and since my break time was up, we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the training room. There, I started reading what was inside the bookbound document and saw that it was a compilation of all the poems he had written for me... my heart was welling with so much love and gratitude for this man that has given me so much of himself, I wanted to just run home to his arms and hold him forever. But that wasn't the end of the surprise streak! Morning came, another day of training passed, and it's still my birthday. When I went out of the office, I saw him outside, waiting for me. I smiled, walked towards him and we went home together. I was so surprised to go home to a house which is so clean and tidied up (because it is seldom that way!) After having breakfast and tucking me in, he made this excuse that he had to go somewhere to meet someone important. I was a bit disappointed because all I wanted was to be with him then, but he insisted on going. I must have dozed off after he left, because I roused to the sound of familiar voices just outside our door. And when I looked, there he was with some of my closest friends from our previous work... and they brought me a birthday cake! They were all laughing at me because I didn't have the slightest clue of what my hubby did for me... It was such a great day for me! I have never been shown so much importance and appreciation... so much love... and I thank God for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity of being able to meet my soulmate... the man I was destined to be with... the man I am going to be with for all eternity.