Created by Baican Cao

Universe,Time,Space and Heaven

Till now, humans are familiar with only one side of the space; namely, they only know the space of the material world and don't understand the space in the antiworld. Tragedies happen frequently due to our knowledge shortage of the Negative Universe. Now,Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow. And Lifechanyuan reveals the truth of space,time and Heaven: The position of material and nonmaterial and the sphere of their activities are called space. The space can be positive and negative. The dreamland is the embodiment of negative universe (nonmaterial world). Time is the recorder of the state of material movement. Time is born out of movement. Without movement, there would be no time. Time exists within the interior of every moving objects and pervades the universe space of all objects. Time has eight great characteristics: 1. Time is nonmaterial; 2. Time can be negative and positive; 3. Time has particularity and universality; 4. Time is a variable; 5. Time pervades all the material space; 6. Time is both longitudinal and latitudinal; 7. Time has different connotations in different spaces; 8. Time can be compressed, expanded and dissolved. Heaven is the general term for Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, Elysium World, and Celestial Islands Continent. Heaven belongs to happy and joyful people.The longer the time of happiness and pleasure, the better and more stable the nonmaterial structure of our LIFE will become and the closer our LIFE will be to the paradise. To head for the heaven, you must climb two huge mountains, one is the programme of necessity, the other is the “Egypt of Soul”.