Created by Baican Cao

Lifechanyuan - the Greatest Creator

The Greatest Creator is the supreme leader of the universe, the master of all gods, the cradle of LIFE, the birthplace of wisdom, the creator of the universe and LIFE, the driving force of the universe, the energy center of the universe, the sweet spring in the desert, and the beacon in the dense fog. The Greatest Creator is the ancestor of Buddha, Allah, Grand Brahma, and Heaven. There is only one coincidence in the universe, the birth of the Greatest Creator. The entity of the Greatest Creator is in the Zero World, and the spirit of the Greatest Creator is in everything in the universe. The Greatest Creator has eight characteristics: only, amorphous, neutrality, mysterious, impartial, merciful, supremely powerful, and wise. The god in the Old Testament of the Bible is not the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator never conducts dialogues with a certain individual directly in the language of man. Everything is the language of the Greatest Creator. The changing phenomena are the dialogues between the Greatest Creator and man. People capable of understanding the wordless books are having direct dialogues with the Greatest Creator. Without spiritual perception, we can never understand the words and language of the Greatest Creator and we can never understand what he is saying. Everything in the universe has been created by the Greatest Creator according to the laws and principles of science. People who have mastered these laws and principles are the messengers of the Greatest Creator. They have obtained the power to interpret the Greatest Creator’s World and guide mankind. There is no final judgment. Judgment is made at every moment. As for the LIFE of the universe, it is the original intention and will of the Greatest Creator to let all LIVES forms live happily, joyfully, freely and blessedly. The Greatest Creator does not decide man’s destiny. Everyone’s destiny is in the final analysis brought about by himself. The destiny is the result of man’s consciousness. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the road of happiness, joyfulness,, freedom and blessing.The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Way of nature. Everything comes about naturally.The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight connotations: (1). The universe is the product of the Greatest Creator; (2). Everything comes into being as a result of creation; (3). Everything operates in the consciousness—the Way of the Greatest Creator. (4). Exhibit one’s nature and act in accordance with the law of nature. (5). Revere and emulate the Greatest Creator; (6). Reality is the portraiture of the respective free consciousness of different LIFE forms; (7). Happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing are the theme of LIFE. (8). Everything is a game.