Created by Charlton Butler


Foreclosure, of a securitized loan that turned out to be 3 loans of which homeowner was unaware the vitiating foundational fraud of her supposed home loan. That has forgery on a loan that homeowner never knowingly with intent to be bound resulting from a meeting of the minds and agreed to an exchange for value ever signed this loan. Plaintiffs are unable to establish standing as the loan the have documentation of is a fraud and they would have the loan anyway as it was sold into a bond issue. So a case of a fraudster predatory servicer pretend lender attempting to collect a debt not owed them and threatening the taking of homeowners property where they know they have no legal right under the law. Defendant Homeowners kick the hell out of the opposing counsel on his motions with blistering critique and legal insufficiency arguments that tear down Plaintiffs supposed evidence affidavits in a prior filing and over all schools the other side to the degree that because of the arrogance they failed to notice the first submission Defendants made where they preserved all affirmative defenses and counter claimed through disagreeing with at least a portion of Plaintiffs Complaint and through entire round of filings with the court completely disagreeing with Plaintiffs entire complaint but for names and address. Defendants though not the usual case but because of raised counter claim have basis for a default summary judgment on Defendants motions due to threshold issues making all pleadings after a motion for summary judgment.