Created by Tim Gillam

Funeral Poems

Are you searching for a funeral poem, funeral cards, or Christian Funeral poems? If you are searching for words to comfort the heart you come to the right place. If you are looking for funeral cards look no further you have come to the right place. We have Christian Funeral poems to comfort a grieving heart! We have the right sympathy poem for your grieving heart. . This collection has great poems for a funereal because we need spiritual words to comfort us when a loved one passes away. This is not your traditional store bought card that will soon be forgotten. This funeral card poem can be placed in a frame and hung on a wall or sat on a desk. With this funeral card, your loved one will always remain in your heart. No one can stop our grieving hearts from mourning, but someone who understand how difficult the lost of a loved-one can provide a little comfort. Only God can stop our mourning. Only He can give us comfort when our hearts are broken. This poem is about sharing the good news about our loved one being with the Lord in heaven! We can even personalized it by placing your name or the deceased name on the poem. We can revise it to meet your needs. We can also make you a personalized handmade sympathy card too, and have it delivered to your door withing 48 hours! If you are seeking a funeral poem or sympathy poem look no further. you have come to the right place. Our ministry provides food for the hungry and visits the sick and comfort those confined in prison. Please support our ministry by purchasing this poem today! Thank you for your support! Tim's Personalized Greeting Cards 313-525-4881 visit us at