30 - Individual Pieces - Classics

All of the pieces listed below are completed versions, but some are not the latest versions. THE LATEST VERSIONS AND SOME ADDITIONAL PIECES ARE AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE: musicinnovators.com Feel free to visit us there. There is no charge for any of our materials. Description of the Achievement Levels Assigned to Each Piece: The pieces are assigned to levels from A thru E. The levels are not strictly defined, but generally, they are as follows: LEVEL-A consists of a single melody, usually fingered to play with both hands alternately while staying in 5-finger positions with both hands. LEVEL-B generally consists of 2-part pieces, the melody in the right hand and a simple counter melody in the left hand. LEVEL-C pieces are a bit more difficult than level B, usually in 2 or 3 parts. LEVEL-D includes pieces at the level of Beethoven "For Elisa" and the first movement of the "Moonlight Sonata." LEVEL-E pieces are more advanced than level D. The number of sharps or flats in the key signatures of these pieces has little affect the difficulty of playing them because, on key maps, notes for flats and sharps are as easy to read as notes for white keys. Almost all of the pieces are notated in their original keys. Some simplified versions of the classics have been arranged, primarily involving reducing the length of a piece and/or of removing some of the notes, rather than introducing key changes. The greatest contribution to ease of reading for most of the pieces comes from the fact that they are notated on key maps. Our typical students can play the more difficult pieces YEARS before they would be ready to play them if they were learning to play only from standard notation! The pieces are listed by the names of their composers or arrangers, and within that arrangement, by title.