A Distinctive Style Spring 2012

A Distinctive Style Spring 2012 Issue with Linda Gray and the Cast of Dallas A Distinctive Style pays homage to Linda Gray and the Return of “Dallas,” Ann-Margret and her new Gospel CD, Broadway Legend Kaye Ballard and Friends, Artists and Activists and so much more! In keeping with our mission to express and appreciate artistic freedom, ADS celebrates outstanding artists and activists in our Spring issue. You may find enough time to read our articles, enjoy the photographs, listen to the audio tapes and view the related videos. But…we bet you won’t have enough time to explore all the ideas the articles provide. For example, when you read our cover story about Linda Gray and learn that “Dallas” is back (starting this summer on TNT), you may get the idea to watch reruns for the popular show that captivated the nation in the late ’70′s. You may even institute a morning “gratitude walk,” following the example of the lovely Linda Gray. Or, after reading about the artists that abound in this edition, you might get the idea to take an art course yourself, or visit a photography exhibit. The work of Chuck Pyle could tempt you to become a Zen cowboy yourself, or at least to learn more about Zen itself. Who knows? After seeing the photographs of John Fielder, you may want to book your next vacation in Colorado. The ceramics and sculptures of Judith Davies may inspire you to take a keener interest in nature or in the human form. And, speaking of the human form, you’ll be fascinated by the creations of Cecelia Webber, who takes pictures of the human body and transforms the repeated images into other images. After seeing the work of Lyndon Gaither, you’ll probably look at everyday things in a more colorful way. Another idea you may think about pursuing? Turning junk mail into works of art as Sandhi Schimmel Gold does with her collages. You may try writing poetry after listening to Connie Lim, herself inspired to write songs based on poems. And, after reading and listening to interviews with Kaye Ballard, Liliane Montevecchi, and Lee Roy Reams, you may decide age is no barrier to creative involvement. This special trio is “Doin’ It for Love”—singing and dancing their way into the hearts of audiences all over the country. And, if age is on your mind, you’ll enjoy reading about Helene Soltero, a 94-year-young dynamo with a near-century of stories to tell. Thinking of writing a story yourself? You’ll applaud the Book Creators Circle and the work they do to promote new writers. You’ll enjoy, too, the stories conveyed in the songs sung by film star Ann-Margret. Yes, this dancing phenom and leading lady has recorded gospel songs with longtime friend Art Greenhaw. Ann-Margret talks to publisher Denise Marie about love and life and loss. Have a more classical bent? Indulge yourself by watching Charlie Siem‘s video. We haven’t forgotten your health. This issue profiles EMANI, a firm committed to keeping dangerous pollutants out of their products and Olive Natural Beauty which is 100% handmade, natural and organic. Don’t miss the article about how to protect yourself from radiation in the earth. Or the article about Peru’s guanabana tree, which just may hold the cure for cancer. We’re exploring emotional health, too: read the heart-warming story of Soeren Palumbo, who joined with Tim Shriver, Jr., to establish the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign. Concerned about the environment? Sebastian Copeland, 2007 Photographer of the Year, will allay some of your fear. So will activist Ellis Pickett, who founded the Galveston chapter of Surfriders. The environment includes animals, of course, and Monica Hardy and her all-volunteer network, transform their lifelong passion for animals into legislative victories. This, our 18th issue, will make you gasp in surprise, tickle your auditory senses, take your breath away, make you shake your head in admiration and delight you in so many other ways. Be inspired by people who are making good things happen, no matter their age or background. http://adistinctivestyle.com