Created by PT (aka Twah72)

The World Order's NWO Agenda Success depends heavily on constant analysis of research information to effectively deceive the sheeple is paramount, an informed society is the order's only threat!

 Analysis/Reports of Public Opinion Polls & Intelligence Reports from research carried out by partners & the Empires own yet 'independent' foundations & think tanks such as the CFR.  Strategic planning is essential for impiral agendas to be carried out. The information used to analyse & stratergise is primarily focused around public opinion. They foundations and so called think tanks, research  CFR SCIS research to gauge public opinion, to then shape propaganda campaigns accordingly through distortions and misrepresentations in the news coverage provided by the mainstream western media to deceive & manipulate and maintain a largely misinformed & distracted public so when the time comes they will support what believe what they're told, US/NATO/UNSC are protecting human rights, for if they knew the truth that, in reality they were supporting US-NATO & UNSC Crimes against Humanity a serious acts of aggression and the slaughter of innocent civillians, then the US & coerced supporters would not even attempt these imperial acts of aggression. Not to mention making a mockery of the UN as a whole considering the UN was established to STOP these Crimes from taking place not Sanctioning such crimes.