MSA Treasury Forms

Reimbursement Form: For every reimbursement check I cut on behalf of MSANA, I will need one of these forms on file. For board members I don't necessarily need a form, but I will ask you for the information I need to fill it out. And obviously, I can't cut a check without a receipt in hand. Of course, it would be really helpful if you could fill out the form and attach your receipts for me. Also, scanned versions of the form and receipts work just fine too. Post-Event Budget: This if for our events and will need to be filled out for budget reporting purposes. If the Event Chair is the only person that needs reimbursement for the event, receipts can be attached to this form and it will replace the Reimbursement Form. If other people/entities need reimbursement, I will need separate Reimbursement Forms. Proposed Event Budget: We will be filling out copies of this form for upcoming events. This will be the Event Chair's responsibility. It's a good record to see if we met our budgeting expectations, and also nice for me to know ahead of time how large of a till I will need to withdraw. I expect we will fill out a few of these during our annual budget meeting.