Created by Kelly Haven

Easy Money

Kaitlin, Michael, and Jeannie are just your everyday dysfunctional family. Michael is owner of The Cabaret, a string of highly successful stip clubs. Kaitlin, his stepdaughter, is an eighteen-year-old sexpot, and Jeannie…well, no one’s sure what Jeannie does. They might be messed up, but they’re happy. As happy as a family can be living in the middle of nowhere in a run down house that Jeannie refuses to leave because she’s too proud to accept her husband’s money. They also have a dog named Dog. Their happy existence soon turns upside down after a string of events set in motion by Kaitlin leads Michael across a bridge he didn’t want to cross, into the world of drugs, rock n’ roll, and Internet pornography. He soon finds himself caught between temptation and tampons, wondering how the hell he got himself into this mess, and better yet…just who the fuck is going to get him out of it? It’s a wild ride featuring tight young girls, mafia bosses, cocaine, pink squirrels, feather boas, and a woman who won’t take no for an answer. It’s Easy Money, and it’s new from Kelly Haven!