"Lost Boy" Salva Dut

As Lost Boys, the men and women who started Hope of Sudan organizations walked thousands of miles during the Civil War seeking refuge, first to Ethiopia and then to Kenya. Many were shot, eaten by lions or starved. They were as young as 5. Of 30,000 estimated Lost Boys, 10,000 survived the journey. In 2000 America welcomed the Lost Boys. They came to start new lives knowing little English, having never ridden on a plane or turned on a light. Through determination, our members have excelled. They are doctors, university graduates, lawyers, college students, parking attendants and warehouse laborers. They are visionaries who see how a new Southern Sudan can be and have a passion to help their Sudanese brothers and sisters build a new life. With their vision, American supports have joined efforts. "We believe in one goal, one mission. We have a common cause of helping each other to benefit the people of Sudan."