4,284 Florida Public Officials Missed July 1, 2012 Deadline for Financial Disclosure

The attached lists are comprised of individuals whose forms were not on file with the Florida Commission on Ethics as of 7/26/12. If they do not file (postmark by September 4th) they will be fined $25 per day with a maximum fine of $1,500. Compliance last year was better than 99% overall and we hope to have even better compliance this year. So, not only will we be sending certified notices as required by law, we will be sending postcards, notifying agencies, emailing professional/trade associations whose membership includes filers, and making phone calls. In other words, we’re pulling out all the stops in an effort to keep from fining anyone. If you can help us get the word out, I would really appreciate it. Also, remember that you can go on our website at any time and look to see if an individual has filed or search compliance by agency.