Created by Doug Grandt

Letters to ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson (Eagle Scout to Eagle Scout)

Rex Tillerson is uniquely situated to break ranks with business as usual corporate behavioral expectations and lead the world from a carbon-based paradigm to a new paradigm of carbon-free energy technology. My ask is for Mr Tillerson to take bold courageous action and 1) denounce the increasingly devastating impacts of continued combustion of fossil fuels and the accelerating ecocide as immoral, 2) to compel Congress to quickly adopt Carbon Fee & 100% Dividend legislation (e.g., H.R. 3242) in the next Congress, and 3) with his counterparts around the globe, schedule the concomitant retirement of all petroleum refineries [and coal plants] beginning in 2013 with complete abandonment of transportation fuel refining by 2050 (save plastic and chemical facilities). This is no small task, but it has to be done if we think there will be any chance of avoiding the likely catastrophic and devastating economic and social effects of widespread drought, extreme weather, flooding, disease, migration, and civil upheaval. I have asked Mr. Tillerson if it is responsible or moral to risk humanity by any possible underestimation of climate as the industry has underestimated technology. Mr. Tillerson could leave a proud legacy by stepping us as the 21st Century Charles Grant (please refer to