Arusiyathul Qadiriyya

Imamul Arus (rali) founded the Arusiyyatul Qadiriyyah Tariqah, which is being followed widely in Tamil Nadu, Srilanka, and in some places in Arab countries like Morocco, Libya and UAE. We come to understand that the sea shore areas of Iran like Kurram Sha, Bandar Abbas, Jasim, Linja and other places too have followers of Arusiyyatul Qadiriyyah Tariqah. There are still Murids in Kerala, Maharastra, West Bengal, and present day Bangladesh, where he went to establish Mosques in Bombay, Calcutta, Chittagong, Cox Bazaar etc. By founding this branch of the Qadiriyyah Tariqah, he made the sufistic way of life very simple. He prescribed very short recitals for his murids. He did away with the practice of long recitals, spending long hours in meditation etc. For example many Shaykhs teach their murids to recite 'La ilaha illallah' 10,000 times, 6000 times 'Allah' for every wakt etc. There are only two compulsory recitals that Imamul Arus has prescribed for the murids of his Arusiyyatul Qadiriyyah Tariqah. 1. To recite a minimum of 100 times 'La ilaha Illallah' and 'Muhammadur Rasulullah' once. 2. To recite 10 times the Salawat "Adada mafi Ilmillah". This salawat was taught by the Holy Prophet (Sal) to Hadrat Ayeshah (rali) and she has said that its merit is 600,000 more than an ordinary salawat.