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Financial Services Marketing

Topics covered: 1. Management of financial services, understanding the financial products 2. Overview of various financial services in India 3.Insurance-Meaning, advantages ,various types of insurance, Financial planning process, Risk management –Strategy to cover risk ,introduction to IRDA, 4. Mutual funds-Meaning, history and current market scenario –Indian and global, Types of mutual funds, Debt funds and types of Debt schemes, Types of equity funds/Growth funds, concept of hybrid funds, Mutual funds Vs. Other investments, Fund Structure, Introduction to the role and responsibility of Asset management company, Registrars, custodian, sales distribution channels. 5. Retail bank products-Meaning of banking business, introduction to Various bank products Selling bank products ,concept of cross selling ,Impact of technology on bank marketing. 6. Introduction to housing finance, Venture Capital Funds ,Merchant banking, Credit cards.