Created by Pazaria Smith

Discipleship Lessons~Salvation

A Wonderfully, Inspired, Holy Spirit Anointed labor of Love_by Dr. Pazaria Smith... Entreating sinners to think, change and rearrange their lives, backsliders to return to their first love and to comfort and encourage believers to remain steadfast in the faith...conforming to the Kingdom of our dear Savior...Jesus Christ. He suffered, bled and died for you and I and was raised from the dead, declaring All Power has been given unto Him, both in Heaven and in Earth. Our only Hope for Eternal Life is in Jesus Christ and the Finished Work of the Cross...the emblem of suffering and shame now bears a "Wondrous Attraction and Beauty." It is not His will that any should Perish, but that ALL should Repent and Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of their Lives.