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Smart Media - Home Page Pays

Welcome to my collection of documents describing Smart Media - Home Page Pays. HPP has a lot to offer Free Members, Rep's and Advertiser. It's a revolutionary way people are connecting and using the internet. It's a social site like Facebook, but... it's not like Facebook at all. Smart media shares its revenue with its free member and Rep's. It offer everyone tons of useful free stuff; over 2200 Educational Videos, Educational Games, Sports Games, Action Games, Passive Games, Software Downloads, a Customizable home page and so much more. Free members can also earn Smart Points and win prizes in the daily, weekly and monthly drawings. On the business side, Home Page Pays will work for any individual, business, charity, club or organization that has a product to sell, a service to promote or a message to get out. As an HPP Rep you can reward your customers or clients with this free gift (Branded with your business or products) that is sure to go viral as they give it to their friend and associates. Browse through this collection to learn more about Smart Media - Home Page Pays.