US Patriot Acts: Victim's of State and Government-Sponsored Torture and Terrorism

US Patriot Act: A Victim of Government-Sponsored Torture and Terrorism. This gentleman writes in this biography his horrific trials and sad tribulations of how he survived decades of state-sponsored terrorism and torture in the United States. He defines in great detail how the War on Terror Post 911 with the passing of the Patriot Act allowed for the torture and terrorism upon his and other victim's torture remotely, how its done, who the perpetrators aka perps are, how they get away with it, how most victims are either military members or someone(s) who comes across CIA and or DOD members. Other's can learn from this man's 122 pages of documentation so that those in law enforcement and the community might reconsider prior to hearing the lies perpetrated upon victims and act in a more appropriate manner. Victims can also learn from this man's testimony as he does state he survived this--and that knowledge is power. In these times with the passing of the Patriot Acts, state and government sponsored labeling that American's are now terrorist both in their actions, words, even the 911 and Occupy movements, as well as the pushed police state on locals, the Space Act Oct 3 2001, Homeland Security, the militarization of our law enforcement, Neighborhood Watches popping up all over America, the Snitch Informant culture embedded by the government and state perpetrators all working for those in government and scientific worlds to turn everyone upon one another that maybe all of us may learn from this biography. It mirrors many of the victim's lives as this author wonder's how many other victims there are in our societies. Lissa