Created by juanitanaidoo

The Inner School

Within each blade of grass, the entire sea, the whole solar system and equally the very quiet child in the classroom who seems to be not paying attention and the loud, energetic child, seemingly distracted by an ant or a car driving past, is Absolute Knowledge and Infinite Wisdom. We are born in perfection, whether it is perceived or not, we always hold space for this perfection to come about. Children are already perfect and powerful beings. We see it in the way they run, fall, cry wipe off their tears and do it all over again. No inhibitions, fears, doubts or insecurities until one day they start to look at the world and try to fit into it. Therein lies the choice we all make. To fir into the outer illusion or to stay true to our inner vision. Schools. Spaces in which our essence is nurtured or spaces in which it is not even seen. Education is the door to freedom. It can also be the prison cell itself. When a teacher, parent, school administrator and most especially a child, is not fully engaging or enjoying the learning environment or process, what is actually being experienced is a lack of freedom. When we enjoy what we are doing, we are propelled forward by our love for it with little or no need for acknowledgement, reward or merit. In truth all schools and classrooms have the greatest potential to be self-governing spaces of pure creativity and compassion, simply because all children are born in a space of freedom which they exude until they start to doubt themselves. As teachers one of our greatest responsibilities is to nurture a love for learning in a self-respecting and self-observant manner. We, ourselves, are the very lessons we teach and the lessons most remembered are the behaviours we engage most often. One of the greatest lessons being taught and learnt at Maia Earth Village, home of the Indigo School and the birthing space of the Inner School services, is that each person is equally a teacher and a learner and that every single event, experience, person, place and moment is a classroom in the school of life. The deconstruction of limiting thought forms allows for the flow of integrity to be observed. Teachers awakening the inner children within themselves and becoming the greatest lessons ever taught by simply birthing freedom in the Inner School. We are dreaming of one global school. A school of essence. Open the door to the Inner School and remember your purpose in life. Awaken.