Created by Neil Gillespie

Gillespie v BRC, 05-CA-7205, Hillsborough County, Florida

Neil J. Gillespie v. Barker, Rodems & Cook, PA and William J. Cook, case no. 05-CA-7205 Gillespie’s litigation against his former lawyers, Barker, Rodems & Cook. PA, is to recover $7,143 stolen during their prior representation of Gillespie. Ryan Christopher Rodems is unethically representing his firm against Gillespie, a former client of the small three-partner firm, contrary to well-established law and ethics rules, see McPartland v. ISI Inv. Services, Inc., 890 F.Supp. 1029, M.D.Fla., 1995. Mr. Rodems’ strategy has been, since 2006, to inflict severe emotional distress on Gillespie who he knows to be especially vulnerable, through an abuse of power in a position of dominance. In 2005 Gillespie sued Barker, Rodems & Cook to recover $7,143 stolen during their prior representation of Gillespie. Barker, Rodems & Cook counter-sued Gillespie for libel over a letter about a bar complaint. Mr. Rodems’ conflict made lawful resolution of this case impossible. Mr. Rodems intentionally and strategically disrupted the tribunal on March 6, 2006 with a false affidavit to the court about an attack in chambers. This was later disproved by a police investigation. Mr. Rodems obtained $11,550 sanctions against Gillespie for a misplaced defense to the counterclaim, and discovery mistakes. Almost the entire case, from 2006 through 2011, was spent by Mr. Rodems securing sanctions and executing on the $11,550 judgment, including garnishment of Gillespie’s exempt Social Security, and later Gillespie’s arrest on a writ of bodily attachment, a coercive confinement to force a settlement. In 2007 Gillespie retained out-of-town counsel Robert W. Bauer for the libel counterclaim. Mr. Bauer encouraged Gillespie to reinstate his dismissed claims, which he did. But Mr. Bauer was unable to overcome the misconduct of Mr. Rodems, and his false testimony. Although Mr. Bauer charged Gillespie $31,863 in legal fees, much of it was wasted, such $5,600 in travel time, and Bauer never filed an amended complaint. Mr. Bauer withdrew in 2009 and Gillespie was on his own. After the case was closed and on appeal of a final summary judgment (2D10-5197), Mr. Rodems obtained an arrest warrant for Gillespie through a series of ex-parte hearings where Rodems presented more false testimony.