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Federal Reserve and Reducing Unemployment

America's unemployment is caused by uneducated voters who have an aversion to Austerity. Real Jobs require Austerity, and Morally Corrupt Politicians realize their campaign contributions will decrease if they recommend Austerity to uneducated voters. In place of Austerity our Morally Corrupt Politicians create Illusionary Jobs using Risky Debt. In 1973 when our Birth Rate was 3.1 million/yr -- by using Risky Debt, America's Birth Rate is now 4.1 million/yr -- an increase of 33%. During this same time period the European Union used Austerity to reduce their Birth Rate by 17%. Americans cannot expect the rest of the world to bail us out just because we have an aversion to Austerity. Americans need to accept Austerity and begin to gradually reduce our Birth Rate by 30-40%