Dr. Scott Rice, DDS, The Best Irvine CA Cosmetic Dentist

Patient Comfort and Technology Your comfort and the integration of technology are standard elements of our practice functionality, as is proven through our use and implementation of the following things we’d love to explain to you further: * DIAGNOdent * Digital Imaging * Digital Radiography * Intra-Oral Camera * Chairside Computers * Patient Education System (CAESY) * Sedation Dentistry (oral dosage of triazolam) * Patient Comfort Measures - CDs, blankets, comfortable chairs with all treatment delivered from behind you instead of looming in front of you, beautiful flower arrangements and more comfort measures await you at Dr. Rice’s office. You’ll love our five-star service and our quality dental care! * Sterilization Center - Our sterilization center is hospital rate; the very highest quality! Our goal is to exceed way beyond minimum standards in all areas of the practice. Of course, this would prioritize your health and therefore the sterilization and cleanliness of our practice.