Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression Systems by Burner Fire Control

#1 Choice for fire Suppression by the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, and the US State Department. What is CAFS? CAFS is a foam system which has the added ability to inject compressed air into the foam solution to generate a product referred to as "compressed air foam." This type of foam has a much tighter, more dense, bubble structure than plain water or standard foam solutions. This bubble structure allows the foam to adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces, as well as penetrate fires deeper before the bubbles are broken down, allowing the latent water to be more effective. Why it is effective? CAFS truly attacks all sides of the fire tetrahedron by smothering the fire with a "foam blanket", thus preventing oxygen from combing with fuel. It diminishes the heat by insulating (using the trapped air within the bubble structure) and reflecting (the bubbles actually reflect radiant heat, thus preventing excess heat from adding to the fire.) It prevents additional fuel from reacting with the fire by providing a barrier. Finally, CAFS has been shown to "disrupt" the chemical reaction required for fire to continue. CAFS is actually 15 to 30 times more effective than water and other types of foam at fighting most fires. Stored Energy CAFS "Stored Energy" CAFS simply refers to the method used to dispense the CAFS. Our systems utilize compressed air or nitrogen rather than pressurized air generated by an air compressor. This makes these systems truly "self contained", meaning that absolutely no external resources are required to operate them. Our systems can be quickly recharged for additional fire fighting. Unmatched Customization BURNER has manufactured a full line of "stored energy" Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) in house for over 30 years. This allows us to offer a level of customization that is unmatched in the industry. There are several standard models and configurations available. Each system can be modified to meet customer specifications without the traditional additional time or expense. We also have the capability to design and build completely customized systems from the ground and have done so for hundreds of customers over the years. The US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, and the US State Department has chosen our systems to protect many of their Forward Operating Bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. We are currently working with both military and civilian contractors to design and equip special purpose vehicles with crucial life saving fire suppression systems. Compressed Air Foam (CAFS) is ideally suited for Twin Agent Systems. Many of the twin agent systems we manufacture for customers now are equipped with CAFS rather than traditional AFFF foam. The unique all-in-one twin agent nozzle allows users to disperse either foam, dry chemical, or a combination of both agents simultaneously.