Created by Doug Grandt

Letters to Barack Obama

Barack Obama has the unique power to decide whether to approve or deny the TransCanada's permit application to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. By denying the permit, he can start the serious conversation about the urgent need to begin reducing CO2 emissions. Volunteers open and sort his mail at a large table, sifting through all the mail and classifying and counting it, picking 10 letters to be sent into his office for him to read. I believe that if we write daily, he may ultimately see our letters. Since I began my daily writing, I have received two admittedly form-letter responses, touting the great things he has done using the powers granted to the President via the EPA and other avenues. So I believe that Barack has seen two of my letters. Just maybe, I have had some influence on him. Join me and write to Barack as well as John Kerry and Rex Tillerson -- and any other powerful influential person of your choice -- daily.