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Vaccine literature provided by Doctors Hospital medical staff

On December 5th, 2012 at the HCA owned Doctors Hospital one Pediatrician Dr. Richard Cartie had our two year old son kiddnapped with the help of numerous medical staff and a court order from Alicia(Lisa) Coogle Rambo an employee of Sumter County Georgia. The stated reason for this kidnapping is parental refusal of a tetanus vaccine. At the time, parents were uniformed about this particular vaccine and do not vaccinate their children anyhow. Numerous requests and demands were made to medical staff for more information on the tetanus vaccine and why it was being insisted upon so adamantly by the pediatrician. At no time did any any of the medical staff or any doctor during this instant matter attempt to discuss the pros and cons of this medical procedure with the patient's parents. No one attempted to understand why we would not consent with this procedure. Uniformed consent was not given and informed consent was not given for this invasive and medically unnecessary procedure. In Georgia(USA) the law requires that informed consent be provided PRIOR to performing that medical procedure. Given that vaccination is asserted to be prophylaxis it cannot be intelligently argued that this tetanus vaccine was urgently required. Other doctors readily agree one going so far as to file a formal written complaint with the Georgia Medical board. We said NO to a pediatrician and were punished for doing so as was our child even more so.