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2011 Partial Veto of SB 5073

These documents show the efforts of the Washington Association of Police Chiefs and Sheriff's told the Governor exactly which sections to veto. 3 days later, this is exactly what the Governor did. Just two years later, they are claiming the medical cannabis community is 99% "illegal" in an attempt to kill it off to favor the over-taxed, over-regulated recreational market. The claim was made that a letter from US Attorney Jenny Durkin warning of possible legal actions against state employees was the reason for the veto. However, it appears this law shows it's not true...and why no other state's officials in any other medical cannabis state have never been prosecuted for facilitating their state laws for medical cannabis use... United States Code TITLE 21--CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ACT SECTION 885 (d) Burden of proof; liabilities (d) Immunity of Federal, State, local and other officials Except as provided in sections 2234 and 2235 of title 18, no civil or criminal liability shall be imposed by virtue of this subchapter upon any duly authorized Federal officer lawfully engaged in the enforcement of this subchapter, or upon any duly authorized officer of any State, territory, political subdivision thereof, the District of Columbia, or any possession of the United States, who shall be lawfully engaged in the enforcement of any law or municipal ordinance relating to controlled substances.