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The Tears of Sanriku (三陸の涙) - English-Japanese Glossaries (英和辞典)

These four English-Japanese glossaries (英和辞典) provide support for translations in the fields of medical chemistry (医化学), biology (生物学), pharmacology (薬理学), oncology (腫瘍学), geography (地理学), ichthyology (魚類学), companies (会社), foundations (財団), institutions (機関), hospitals (病院), water treatment plants (浄水場), foods (食物), the Great East Japan Earthquake (東日本大震災), tsunami (津波), Fukushima nuclear meltdowns (福島原発メルトダウン), and radioactive cesium in the food chain (食物連鎖中の放射性セシウム).