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fp101 fp 101 assignments and discussion questions

fp101 fp 101 assignments and discussion questions FP/101 FOUNDATIONS OF PERSONAL FINANCE FP 101, FP101 COURSE DESCRIPTION Week 1 Topic 1: Personal Financial Planning Week 2 Topic 1: Money Management Week 3 Topic 1: Consumer Credit Week 4 Topic 1: Credit Protection and Repair Week 5 Topic 1: Avoiding and Managing Debt Week 6 Topic 1: Major Financial Assets Week 7 Topic 1: Insurance Week 8 Topic 1: Tax Management Week 9 Topic 1: Investment and Long-Term Planning This course provides an overview of the elements necessary for effective personal financial planning and the opportunity to apply the techniques and strategies essential to this understanding. Primary areas of study include creating and managing a personal budget, understanding and paying taxes, working with financial institutions, wise use of credit cards and consumer loans, financing automobiles and homes, and the use of insurance for protecting one’s family and property