Development Simply Put

I am "Ahmed Tarek" the owner and author of the "Development Simply Put" blog. During my career days and day after day I got more confident that it's all about sharing not the title you have. I believe that everyone has something to share whatever small he thinks of it. Sometimes a great idea comes out of just a tiny idea and the same for knowledge. I always try to gain knowledge and learn new skills and I found that the best way to learn is to try to teach what you already know. This makes you think of the best simplest way to explain complex logic which makes you spot some points may be even yourself didn't recognize in the first time. The greatest thing in the human mind is that it carries out too complicated operations and finally presents it into a simple form, so why do we always try to re-complicate things? This is what encouraged me to start my blog -Development Simply Put ( trying to do my best to simplify main concepts in IT development and share my humble knowledge in this field. Blog Links: --------------- Blog Link: Facebook Page: Google+ Page: LinkedIn Group: RSS 2.0 Feed: Atom 1.0 Feed: Android RSS App: Follow Link: Random Post: Want To Offer Help? --------------------------- If you like the blog and want to offer help, you can: 1. Comment & provide feedback (liked, hated, good, bad, missing, ......) 2. Answer the blog survey ( 3. Follow ( 4. Subscribe ( 5. Share group links 6. Invite friends whom you think will be interested Keywords: programming, development, code, software, hint, tip, simple, concept, tutorial, guide, .net, c#, csharp, sql, sharepoint, asp