Life Drive Newsletter

This newsletter is meant for someone who is interested in improving his or her work on own ‘Journey of Personal Growth’. I believe that that this Journey is about becoming the best that you can be and expressing yourself in a manner that is most meaningful to you. Each one of us has two inbuilt and perpetual drives that influence all that we do – ‘The Life Drive’ inspires us to create new things, seek out our ‘true’ selves and engage with external world with zest and affection. At the same time, ‘The Death Drive’ within us scares us, makes us harm ourselves, makes us find comfort in the lazy status quo and gets us to look at external world and other people with suspicion and violence. The Death Drive within us does anything and everything it can do to stop and derail our Journey of Personal Growth. To succeed in its objective, the Death Drive throws many traps at us, such as convincing us that the problem is not within but outside us and convincing us that the comfortable life of status quo is better than risking the challenges of self-exploration and self-expression. How well, and whether at all we progress on this Journey is entirely dependent on whether we constantly honor our Life Drive by giving life to newer expressions of our core self and whether we succeed in defeating that ‘enemy within’ ( The Death Drive) every day. Nobody and nothing outside of us can make us do this - it can happen if and only if we take complete personal responsibility of staying true to our precious and sacred ‘Life Drive’. This newsletter is meant to be a small reminder- that hopefully will make each of us take a pause and ask this question to ourselves: “Did I truly honor my Life Drive today?”