Computing Fundamentals (Using Microsoft Windows 7) - IC³ Global Standard 3

Internet & Computing Core Certification Guide ------ Module Description This module is designed to introduce you to basic computer literacy through familiarization of the components that make up a computer. You will also look at the Windows operating system to learn how to manage your computer on a regular basis. Module Objectives By the end of this module you will be able to: • recognize computers around us • look at elements for a personal computer • understand what memory is and how it works • identify various input or output devices • recognize various storage systems • identify basic troubleshooting techniques • understand how to buy a computer • understand what application programs are • start and exit the computer properly • work with the desktop • get help within Windows • start application programs • understand and perform file management • customize settings for Windows • install and uninstall programs Your performance in the module is evaluated on your performance in Assessment Exercises with the following skills: • Computer Concepts: 50% • Using Windows: 20% • File Management: 30%