Key Applications (Microsoft Office 2003) - IC³ 2005 Standard

All in One Guide to Computer Literacy - Your IC³ Pathway Companion ------ Module Description This module will teach you the basic to intermediate skills required to work with a variety of business documents. The first unit will discuss the common elements that can be found with all Microsoft Office products. The second unit will focus on word processing aspects using Microsoft Word. The third unit deals with using Microsoft Excel to work with a variety of financial types of documents. The last unit demonstrates how to create and manage presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. --- Module Objectives By the end of this course you will be able to: • Common Elements: start and exit programs, use menus and toolbars, recognize screen elements, get online help, as well as review how to manage your data files and printers. • Word: enter and edit text, manipulate text, format text, set tabs, indent text, proof the document, change the page layout, use headers or footers, apply publishing tools, insert pictures and objects, create and manage tables, and use tools to share documents with others. • Excel: enter and edit text, manipulate the data or how and where the data is entered, work with formulas, format the worksheet, sort data, create and manipulate charts, and prepare the worksheet for printing. • PowerPoint: enter and edit text in different modes, change the view for the slides, work with master slides, changing the design or layout of slides in the presentation, format text, insert objects, animate objects or slides, create notes or handouts, and working with the slide show --- Evaluation Your performance in the module is evaluated on your performance in Assessment Exercises with the following skills: • Common Elements: 5% • Microsoft Word: 40% • Microsoft Excel: 30% • Microsoft PowerPoint: 25%