Living Online (Using Windows XP) - IC³ 2005 Standard

All in One Guide to Computer Literacy - Your IC³ Pathway Companion ------ Module Description This course is designed to introduce you to considerations for living online. You will look at what the Internet is and how e-mail has made a huge impact for communicating with others, as well as look at how to find information on the Internet, protecting yourself while online. --- Module Objectives By the end of this course you will be able to: • Understand what a network is and advantages and disadvantages of being on a network • Understand what the Internet is and how to connect to the Internet • Understand what e-mail is and how it works internally versus the Internet • Understand how an e-mail address is setup and how it works for sending messages • Recognize what netiquette is and how to use e-mail appropriately when online • Understand what spam is, as well as common problems with e-mail • Use Microsoft Outlook Express to send and receive messages • Understand what a web browser is and how it works • Use Microsoft Internet Explorer to search and find information on the Internet • Use different search tools to narrow the search for information on the Internet • Qualify information you find on the Internet • Understand some of the risks of being online • Protect yourself and access the Internet in a legal and safe manner --- Evaluation Your performance in the course is evaluated on your performance in Assessment Exercises with the following skills: • Getting Connected: 40% • Using the Internet: 60% A final exam will be given on _____________.